I started HypeDad as an expecting father who wanted to join the growing movement of more involved dads. But if you’re like me, you may not identify with most of the current “daddy” blogs out there. Many of them are as out of touch as khaki cargo shorts and seem to be fronts for free stuff and sponsorships.

Well, I’d like to change that.

I want to create a voice for culture-forward dads in flyknits. A community of eighties’ babies maintaining relevancy through fatherhood. I want to raise as many questions as I can about dads in the modern age, and maybe answer a few, too.

Perhaps you have some questions of your own? Or an answer or two? I’d love to hear from you.  

A Little Background:

In case you missed my first post, my name is Cole and I’m a specialty coffee professional with a music degree. I’ve written and performed music for nearly 20 years. My day job is Director of Education at Temple Coffee, a fancy title that means I train our retail employees, wholesale clients, and teach public coffee classes (yes, that’s a thing). I also manage our website and social media accounts (naturally).

My wife is a nurse. She takes care of very sick babies. Her name is B. We’ve been married since 2009.

We have a Boston Terrier named Benson. He’s a stud. And certainly not as calm as this photo makes him out to be.


Follow along to see if I can pull off this fatherhood thing. And please, leave your comments, suggestions, advice, questions, or a list of your favorite scotches below.


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  1. Hi Cole, thank you for the visit and liking my recent post. Congratulations on becoming a dad soon. I think it’s great you started your blog, it will be nice to get a dad’d perspective. It’s a beautiful and crazy adventure! By the way, we also have a dog, an old English bulldog named Biggie. I look forward to following more of your journey. Good luck!


      1. We might be expecting our second soon, pending doctor confirmation this week… ahh fatherhood.. A few years ago i don’t think any sane person would have left me with a kid to look after. I’d say i am beating the odds. All the best to you guys. Keep blogging about it dude. 🙂

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  2. I’m enjoying your blog, Cole. Good luck with the parenting thing. Everyday (and every stage) is a new adventure. Just when you think you have it figured out, they throw something new at you. Keeps you humble. 😉 I look forward to following your journey.

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  3. Hi Cole, thanks for stopping by and visiting me. My husband and I are expecting our first baby and the discovery of your blog is both very timely and helpful (not to mention entertaining). I look forward to reading more. Thank you . Chrissy 🙂

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  4. It’s refreshing to have found your blog to actually follow. I am a nurse too, like your wife, and love working with babies. I’m also a IBCLC, essentially Lactation Consultant, should your wife encounter issues with BF, please seek one out, we are breastfeeding and lactation experts. Very excited for your babies arrival, and look forward to reading more!

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  5. God bless you, Cole, you’ll do just fine. The biggest thing is sleep. I might suggest you put the baby bed nearby and get a sound machine—you know the one that has several white noise sounds from which to choose. This was the best thing I did to lull my wailing baby back to sleep and afford us (papa, baby, and myself) a good night’s rest. Now the baby is 18. He wails along with his electric guitar, and the sound machine is my sleep salvation, still.

    Feel free to follow me on “Simply Forgotten.”


  6. Oh man I am glad that you found one of my blogs. I love the premise for your blog, and I also am a fan of your Boston as well… he is adorable in a furry body. Thanks for stopping by my site, and I am looking forward to reading more.

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  7. Congratulations on the birth of Mabel. Love her name. It is quite rare. Parenting is a crazy adventure that is worth every minute of it. Thank you for visting my post. May you be blessed with awesome caregivers and babysitters as you navigate your careers and parenthood.

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  8. You have such an inspiring page. So creative and so unique. My family enjoyed your photos. I hope the very best on this path you have created for yourselves. Keep sharing your genius ideas and thoughts. Thank you for doing this.

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