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Conclusively Inconclusive: My First Two Months of Fatherhood


Hi. My name is HypeDad and it’s been two months since my last post.

Hi, HypeDad.

Yes, this is the introduction to the erratic blogger’s therapy group. It’s been two months since my last post, which officially makes me the spasmodic blogger I said I’d never become. Then again, I said a lot things before becoming a father. Funny how parenthood changes all of that.

It’s no coincidence my blogging absence aligns with the birth of our first child. I’ve been busy parenting, which I’ve learned is not dissimilar to Fight Club.


Sacramento Couple Creates Adorable Pregnancy Time Lapse

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UPDATE #2: Parents Magazine publishes an article on our video: http://www.parents.com/blogs/everything-pregnancy/2015/03/31/everything-pregnancy/this-time-lapse-pregnancy-video-nails-all-the-cute-trends/?socsrc=pmmfb1504015

UPDATE: Daily Mail, the largest English-speaking news site in the world, has published an article about our video: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3018575/Nine-months-minutes-Couple-create-quirky-time-lapse-pregnancy-video-yawning-newborn-dog-starring-final-shot.html

Fox 40, a local news channel, shared our pregnancy time lapse video over the weekend. Very cool.

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Let’s Keep it Real: The Truth About Labor

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Labor is a shadowy figure. For months, it peers in your windows at night. It hides under your bed and in the closet. It’s faceless and unknowable. At times your imagination gets the best of you and your fictitious labor suddenly becomes some torturous scene from the movie Saw. And I’m just a guy. I’m not doing the heavy lifting. I can’t imagine the kinds of horrors women dream up.