An Open Letter to My Unborn Child

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Dearest M____,

In two short months, you will enter a world four-and-a-half billion years older than you. It will be cold and bright and loud, and it will greet you with indifference. 

You will share this world with over seven billion people. Those people can be cold and bright and loud, and many will also greet you with indifference.

Try not to take it personally. The world has no motive. It is thoughtless and unknowable. It will push you in directions without reason. It will deploy circumstances that are at times illogical. It’s at once astonishingly beautiful and unapologetically cruel. Both remarkably simple and incomprehensibly complex.

Navigate this world with modesty. Be kind. Work hard. Help. Give. Be forever a student. Find comfort and liberation in the world’s indifference. See each person as you see yourself. Realize we’re all just making our way as best we can.

I know this may seem harsh. But within this world I describe is another world. A much smaller world that you’ll spend the majority of your life. A world that’s warm and loving and kind. A world that will nurture and protect you as you grow.

In this world, you’ll always have a home. You’ll always encounter honesty and trust and guidance. Consolation when you’re down. Encouragement when you dream. This world will always and forever love you unconditionally.

This world is us. Your family. 

We’ll be there when you enter this cold and bright and loud world. We will wrap you in our arms so that you are warm. We will sing to you so that you can sleep. We will shelter you so that you feel safe. We will always and forever love you unconditionally.

One day you’ll leave this small world to enter that much larger one again. This time you’ll be grown, and if we do our job, you’ll be prepared for the realities of it. You’ll draw your own conclusions, make your own decisions, and traverse it the best you can. However far or near you end up, remember our little world will always exist for you. The little world that cherishes and supports you. That will encourage and stand with you. The little world that will always and forever love you unconditionally.

I can’t wait to meet you, little one. See you soon.

Love Always,



14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Unborn Child

  1. What beautiful words to offer. Truthful, heartfelt, gentle…real. This world can be loud…and yes indifferent. What I would say is this…there are many small worlds…everywhere on this blue dot. If only we could connect the dots? What a piece of art that would be. My Dad would say to me “you can always come home”…I always did no matter what. I have never forgotten his words. I say these same things to my daughter. My greatest accomplishment in life would be watching my daughter wander off into the big world with her spirit intact…loving herself…with open eyes and an open heart.

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  2. This was beautiful. I did something similar when my girls were born. This reminds me of that time. I’m an older mom; we tried to have the kids sooner, but it didn’t happen that way. We thought we were never going to have children. There were two miscarriages, both declared dead in utero at 7 weeks, 6 days. That time frame became our benchmark. I was 37 when finally not only were we pregnant, but we got past that time, and immediately, I stopped everything. I wasn’t taking any chances, and we finally got Aneira. After her, there was another miscarriage a year later, and we thought she would be the only, but another three years later, Bryony arrived on the scene. You will love parenthood, and you will hate it. You will adore your child…and you will be terrified by him/her. You will be willing to lay your life down for your child…and you will swear you were out of your mind, what were you thinking, why did you have kids?! But no matter what, you will love that child, even as s/he drives you mad, as you try to keep a straight face while issuing discipline. My kids keep me sane by driving me INsane. Every grey hair bears one of their names, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Neither will you.

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  3. I love the letter! It says so much in very well written and simple words. My son is 9 and I often wonder if I am preparing him for the world out there. I worry sometimes that he will expect that same love and acceptance from others as he gets from his family and be hurt to learn that that is not always the case. I already know you are a great dad just by reading this!

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